Thursday, April 20, 2006

FLAK Progress

I've been in the "Body Shop". That is, I've been knitting the body of my FLAK sweater. I am currently at 10" from the underarm to the bottom of the sweater. I want the sweater to be 14" from the underarm to the bottom ribbing so I have a few more inches to go.

I am using Peruvian Highland wool from Elann in color #1029 Admiral. I really like this wool and won't hesitate to use it again.

I created my color card for Mara KAL. Before I start this project I wanted to make some progress on FLAK first. I purchased the wool from the very nice people at Jamieson & Smith. I saved some room on the bottom of the card for notes.

I absolutely love the lilac's. They are in full bloom and so fragrant.


Sandra D. said...

The FLAK is fabulous, Terri! You'll be done in no time. The lilacs are gorgeous, too. I love seeing those, but they're not plentiful around here - a few, but not lots.

vanessa said...

wow, love the lilacs :-) can't wait to see the flak on you!

Gina said...

Hi Terri,
The FLAK sweater looks great! Do you have a photo of the Mara sweater? I would love to learn fair isle, but cannot wait until I finish the FLAK!

colin said...

The aran is gorgeous.

Honor said...

Terri, thanks for showing the Mara shade card! Could you possibly list the colour numbers, please? The lettering doesn't show up all that well...

And your FLAK sweater is great! I will definitely start following your blog.