Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hurricane Noel - Extra Tropical Storm

Hurricane Noel made its way up the coast and passed over Nantucket yesterday dumping 4" of rain. On its way it morphed into a powerful nor'easter. Once Noel reached Nantucket weather experts called Noel an Extra Tropical Storm not a hurricane. It still packed the wind speeds of a hurricane but the eye of the storm was not as tight as a hurricane. In any event we had wind gusts up to 87mph. I couldn't resist going out to Surfside to watch the surf.

Today the blue sky's are beautiful. The house I recently posted about out on Smith's Point is gone. Several more houses are goners too. The fast-moving storm washed away more than 20 feet of shoreline in Madaket. This picture was taken on 11-9-2007. Here is how this house looked on 10-20-3007 just a few weeks earlier.Once the houses right in the surf are gone these will be the next to go.

On the knitting front I am making nice progress on DH's FLAK sweater. I am about 1/2 done with one of the sleeves. This week I received Roscalie Cardigan kit. I'm going to finish the FLAK sweater before I cast on Roscalie.


Romi said...

Wow. Amazing photos, Terri. How sad that those houses are gone.

carolyn said...

That was quite a storm for all the media coverage (initially, anyway) saying that it wasn't going to amount to anything to worry about. Glad you are fine...

You'll love Roscalie when you do start it!

Sandra D. said...

I'm really sorry to see the shoreline buildings in that condition. But I grew up on the Atlantic coast and they call barrier islands barrier islands for a reason. I just feel so badly for the folks it's happening to, though.

On a brighter note, Rosalie is one gorgeous piece, isn't it? I have Jade's Rosarie vest to knit, but that's in the future. I'm teaching rib warmers at my LYS for the next 3 weeks, so that's where my head will be until the end of that.

Hubby's FLAK is beeeyoooteeeful!

Rebecca said...

Oh my! A house washing out to sea sounds pretty scary to me!

I need to get back to my FLAK at some point but I'm having too much fun with other sweaters right now. Focusing on one sweater at a time is a good thing and I wish I were able to do that! Rosalie would be ever so tempting to me..can't wait to see it!

Riggwelter said...

Glad to hear the storm didn't hit you too bad.
That knitting is beautiful.