Saturday, May 29, 2010

Janey Pullover

This was a kit I purchased at Maryland Sheep & Wool called Janey Pullover by Melissa Jean Stahl. It was knit with Vermont Organic Fiber Company ~ O-Wool ~ Balance (colorway 3017 Peridot - 3 skeins). It's 50% cotton - 50% merino. It was a fun knit. The kit came with 3 cute handmade ceramic buttons that go perfectly with the yarn. The only thing I did differently was add the grosgrain ribbon. Every morning around 5-5:30 I take our dogs for a walk at the Tupancy Links and always see ducks on this one house. Sometimes there is just one or two but most times there are several. I often wonder why this house. For some reason it always makes me smile.
Every Memorial Day Weekend there is a boat race called Figawi. Sailboats race from Hyannis to Nantucket on Saturday then race back on Monday. This is what the Nantucket boat basin looked like before the race. Pretty quiet. (Click to enlarge any photo.)
Here is what it looked like after the race. Somewhere around 250 sailboats end up here. A photo from the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror. We had a good time watching the boats come in from the Jetties.UPDATE:
We went down to see the sailboats off this morning (Memorial Day). We're used to fog around here but this somehow seemed different. Turns out this wasn't fog at all but smoke from a number of large fires in Southern Quebec. Very, very weird!Rounding Brant Point Lighthouse you can see the masts of sailboats as they head out to Nantucket Sound.


Laritza said...

That is a cute baby jacket! and the ducks??.... do people feed them up there? Never seen such a thing! that is to funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Nadine said...

The Janey sweater is really cute. Lucky Jordy!