Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's Snowing ...

We got back from our trip to Boston late last night. I'm glad we got home before the big Nor'easter was supposed to hit. The snow has started to fall here in Maryland on its way up north. I opened up our front door and snapped this picture. We should have ~ 10-inches before morning. I'm glad it is snowing. I am enjoying watching the snow fall while knitting and watching the birds at the feeder. One of my feeders is attached to the window with suction cups. It has woodpecker suet in it and without fail I am visited by a rather large Red-bellied Woodpecker. He comes and goes throughout the day.

I cast-on my Knitting Olympics project this morning. I keep drifting to reading FLAK posts and looking at FLAK Part 5 instructions. My project for the Knitting Olympics is to knit as many socks as I can using Fortissima Colori by Schoeller&Stahl which is a self-patterning or self-striping wool. I purchased enough for 8 pairs.

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FugueStateKnits said...

Hi Terri - Joan here, in Ellicott City. Our back yard is not much different that yours! Just shoveled the front walk and parking pad and by the time I was done, more snow needed to be shoveled!
and somehow I don't think they're canceling church in the AM....
Your FLAK sweater and self-striping yarn look wonderful!
Keep warm,
Joan G