Friday, June 23, 2006

Back From Nantucket

I'm back after being gone a couple of weeks. I brought several knitting projects but did not knit a stitch. While on Nantucket I got to see our home that is being renovated and I am excited about the changes taking place. Part of the time on the island I stayed with a very dear friend Nancy Chase. She is a native Nantucketer and a renowned ivory carver who is full of stories. Her life is told on an embroidered narrative piece by Susan Boardman.

Oh, I did visit my favorite yarn shop on Nantucket. It's called Sheep to Shore.

Waiting for me back in Maryland was the recognizable plastic bags from Jamieson & Smith. The wool will be used for AS's Marina.
I save the zippered bags you get when you purchase pillows, sheets, bedspreads, etc. They make excellent organizers for knit projects and keeps the wool dust free. I also received a Jamieson & Smith shade card with 300+ fringes of wool in an array of amazing colors.
I downloaded the final installment of FLAK (Follow the Leader Aran KnitAlong) Part 8 - The End. I picked up the stitches for the neckband. After that I will work on the front bands and then I will be done.


Sandra D. said...

Hurray, you're back! And I'm sooo glad to hear the upbeat news about your renovation.

Wow, what a pile of yarn for Marina!! I'm going to pass on that one for now. I'll look forward to hearing about yours, though. I may do it from AS's kit later.

I'm doing socks. But they're fun and I need them.

vanessa said...

oh how i love susan boardman's embroideries, what unbelievable talent!
can't wait to see your flak :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to save those bags to use for yarn. I have a bunch laying around and never thought to use them for that.