Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!!

I've been making some progress on Northwest Sunset Vest for SFCKAL (Sweaters From Camp). I've joined the shoulders using "3-needle bindoff" technique and cut the steeks. Next "knit-up" stitches for the bands. I decided to do traditional steeks (I didn't secure the steek stitches before cutting) since the vest was knit with 100% Shetland Wool and by nature tend to grab on to one another becasue the wool hairs are fuzzy, wiry, and sticky. I haven't cut the armhole steeks yet.I do fear that I will run out of the dark green wool. Actually, its definite I will run out.

Oh dear, I see a mistake. Do you see it? Look at the picture, on the left, fourth repeat from the bottom, the center motif. Do you see it now? I never noticed it before now. I see the duplicate stitch in my future.

I'm also not looking forward to picking up the stitches for the bands since I will be picking them up in the dark green rows and it is hard to see plus I knit the vest on size 2 needles so the stitches are small.

My next project is AS's Mara Cardigan. Take a look at WendyKnits for some excellent photos of her Mara along with some useful tips. I found her steeking technique for the bands very interesting and plan to give it a try on my Northwest Sunset Vest.

I hope those of you in the U.S. have a wonderful 4th of July.


Shirley said...

It's beautiful Terri, they are so much fun to work on. Have fun with Mara, she's on my list also!

DeeAnn said...

Your Sunset is looking gorgeous! Can't wait to hear how you like the steeked button band.

Sonya said...

Beautiful, Terri! I was just admiring your FLAK on the Flickr page. You're a great knitter!