Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mowat Scarves Are Done ...

Tomorrow I have a Blue Ridge Spinners & Weavers Guild meeting. Our program will be dyeing self-striping sock yarn. The meeting will be held at Frog Eye Fiber Emporium. The shop owner is one of our guild members.

I finished both of my taran scarves. I felted one of them. I'm really happy with the way they turned out.
This is Sam our black Lab. He was so cute this morning I just had to take his picture. We also have a Dalmatian named Dottie.


Sandra D. said...

The scarfs are fabulous, but the dog's coat.... true perfection!

vanessa said...

oh terri, the tartans sre unbelievable!!!!!
give sam a kiss for me :-)

Marji said...

Terri they're gorgeous. I've been lax on keeping up on your weaving. You're fast, didn't you just finish refurbising the loom?

Dorothy Mowat said...

Just came across your blog site. And how absolutely fascinating! We Australian Mowats (and who came back from Wick, Scotland with Mowat Tarten things) must find out more about your marvellous scarves.

Amazing too that you have a gorgeous black dog called Sam. Unitl about 4 years ago we also had a beautiful black dog (who really thought he was a person). He was a border collie X Samoid.

And of course, fancy your having a dog called Dottie. guess what I sometimes get called!

Cheers from oz

Dorothy Mowat said...

And oh, forgot to mention that our gorgeous black dog was also called SAM.

Dorothy (aka Dottie)

melissa said...

Your scarves are beautiful, Terri!

Everyone should know that that is your first weaving! I should know, I am the teacher!