Wednesday, November 15, 2006

There're Back ...

For the last couple of winters we're had visitors. Turkey Vultures! I went outside yesterday and happened to look up and there they were. They just sit there and stare. What do they want? Creepy.

Notice the trees have no leaves. That's because they are on the ground. We spent Saturday raking and will be doing the same this weekend.
Over the weekend I made a table top swift in my workshop. I saw one like this and decided to make it. The first picture shows it apart for easy storage and the second picture is the swift assembled. I made it from mahogany because I wanted it to have some weight to it. The pegs I purchased from the hardware store then painted them black. The lip on the peg should keep the hank from sliding off.I saw a very cute canine x-mas stocking and decided I had to make some. It was so easy. I used felt for the paw and pads and fleece for the cuff.


Marina said...

Wow, that looks great! You're very talented.

I had to look up "turkey vultures"! They do look creepy in that pic.

vanessa said...

you are just too talented!!!

Rebecca said...

Those turkey vultures are CREEPY!
I wonder why they keep coming back?

A swift? You are one talented girl! Have you also constructed a Wooly Board?

Sandra D. said...

Awwww, I love the stockings! They're adorable. And the swift.... green with envy. Maybe I'll show the photo to David and he'll make me one. Of course, I'm still waiting for the bases for my stone table tops, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut!

Vultures have gathering or "roosting" spots. Lots in one place (as you showed us). I wasn't aware that they moved around, but obviously they do if yours aren't there all the time. They're beautiful in flight, and they're useful. Wonder what makes them pick a roosting spot, though?