Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stranded: The Colorwork Challenge

When am I going to learn to stop reading blogs and signing up for KAL's. The answer is NEVER! I read about the Stranded: The Colorwork Challenge on Rebecca's blog and had to sign up. It started Dec. 1, 2006.

I liked the rules:
1. Knit something in stranded colorwork
2. Knit them starting December 1st.
3. Or later.
4. Just knit them.
5. You must finish them.
6. Or not. Your call.
7. Share your progress (or frustration. Or hints. Or tips) with us.

Now, to answer a few standed questions:

What are your projects for this knitalong?

I've decided to knit Adrian's pattern called Squirrel and Oak Mittens . I wanted to make them after I saw Vanessa's.
At the same time I hope to get back to knitting Marina.

Is this your first colorwork Project? No

If it isn't, what was your first, and has it survived the test of time?

My first fair isle was a vest from Sweaters From Camp called Northwest Sunset Vest. I haven't worn it yet. It can be viewed here.


vanessa said...

you will love the mittens! they were a really fun knit :-)

Rebecca said...

I can't believe the SWC Vest is your very first fair isle project! I saw it on your blog back when you were knitting it and ordered the book soon after. You really must wear it SOON! I still want to knit it.

Yummy Yarn MJ said...

Don't you just love those rules? I grabbed them from Sandy. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your mittens!