Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nantucket Sunrise

When we are on Nantucket we don't have much property to run our dogs so every day at daybreak I head to the Tupancy Links and get treated with the most spectacular sunrises. They are well worth rising early for. Tupancy was a nine-hole golf course overlooking the ocean that in 1976 was gifted to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation (NCF) by "Tup" Tupancy and his wife. Now the property can be enjoyed by the public. And a few minutes later ...

Recently DH's FLAK sweater got pulled out and dusted off. I started this in parallel with the FLAK sweater I knit for myself. Somehow mine got finished and his did not. (No comment.)
Single sock syndrome no more. Finally managed to finish the second Fetzensocken sock.


Romi said...

Oh my, that's gorgeous!

And so is the FLAK. :)

Sandra D. said...

Sunrise Fetzensocken, no less. And they're as gorgeous as the sunrises. Sigh.... mine languish, but you have inspired me anew. Never mind that you inspired me with Jaywalkers, too and I haven't started those either!

vanessa said...

nice sockies! koigu?

andy will look smashing in his flak!