Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Nantucket Basket Class

Finished teaching a 4-day Nantucket basket class. It ended up everyone worked on a different project. I was very pleased with how the baskets turned out.

Karen with her 16-inch oval tray with Wenge wooden base.
Marea with her 6-inch open round. Her first basket.
Jenny with her 12-inch oval tray with quarter-sawn Sycamore base.
Stephanie's finished 6.5-inch mini-market basket with oak staves and Gaboon ebony base. I enjoyed sewing the Toile de Jouy fabric liner.
Kirby with his 7-inch oval.
Penne with her 10-inch open round.
Jennifer with her 8-inch oval. She will be finishing it at home.


Pru said...

Oh my, these are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to your students ... and to their great teacher.

vanessa said...

terri, i hope all your students appreciate your teaching skills!

the baskets are gorgeous!

Nadine said...

Speaking from personal experience, I know you deserve lots of credit for your patience and hard work. It looks like you had some good students - all the baskets look great.

Life Looms Large said...

The baskets came out great! I'm impressed with the variety in one class.