Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Survived the Blizzard of 2010

The snow blizzard in the DC area began Friday morning and did not let up until Saturday evening and dumped over 30-inches. We lost power during the early hours of Saturday (thank-goodness for generators). Obama referred to this storm as Snowmageddon. Washingtonian's are also calling it Snowpocalypse. We're expecting another 5"-10" on Tuesday. Most in the area have snow fatigue, me included.

We waited months for a reservation at Volt which the snow canceled. It's owned by Bryan Voltaggio who came in second in this season's Top Chef:Las Vegas. His brother Michael won. Both brothers are from this area. We'll try again sometime in the future.

I hope to dig out to my workshop soon. Click on the picture to see how huge the snowflakes were.
Sunday morning we awoke to a beautiful crisp, clear sunny day. Getting back to feed the horses was no easy task.
There's a picnic table there somewhere.Our Lab Sam. He's turning 13 this year. He is still so puppy-like but he's slowing down.

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vanessa said...

i cannot believe sammie will be 13!
give him a big smooch from me :-)
nice snow!