Monday, January 16, 2006

My wooly little lampkin is no more ...

No more will I be able to pull its wooly black tail to pull out the 5' tape measure. No longer will I be able to press its wooly belly to have the tape measure roll right up.

I realize it's not one of the coveted "black" sheep tape measures but I loved my little wooly lampkin all the same.

Bad Dottie, Very Bad Dog! (This photo is a reenactment.)


vanessa said...

you mean sammy is a little angel?
holy cwap, last i saw you had washed the skeins, now you have the saddles done!!!!!

Tori said...

Oh My, I hate to admit how many things we've lost to our young lab Maddy. Good thing they are lovable members of our family! Love how your saddles for the FLAK turned out!