Thursday, March 16, 2006

Maywood Belvie Cross 1907 - 2006

I haven't been knitting the last few days. I finished knitting one of the sleeves on my FLAK sweater. I have started the second repeat of my Northwest Sunset Vest for SFC.

This post is dedicated to my G-Aunt Maywood Belvie Cross (April 7, 1907 March 11, 2006). Here is a poem Maywood wrote on her 90th birthday.

April 7, 1997

Now that I am ninety
there are things I can't do
when you get to ninety
you will be like that too.

I can't walk a straight line
I can't read a simple line
but it will get worse
when I am ninety nine.

I have reached the age of unaccountability
also the age of depends.
I have reached the age of speaking my mind,
but that's how you loose friends.

Things I don't have to do
to irritate people -
comb my hair
take a bath
dress myself
talk when they don't want me to.

So now that I am ninety,
some things I want to keep,
my sweet smile, my winning ways
and the rest of my teeth.

Maywood almost made it to ninety nine. I will carry her spirit in my heart forever.


vanessa said...

oh terri, i am so sorry!

Ann said...

How wonderful to live to such an age. And the poem is fantastic. What a wonderful memory to have.

Marguerite said...

Perfect way to honor your aunt.

Sympathy on your loss.