Monday, January 29, 2007

Bonnie Inouye - The Big Twill Workshop

I attended a 3-day weaving workshop with Bonnie Inouye called The Big Twill. It was a combination of lecture and round-robin weaving. In class we had a variety of 4-shaft, 8-shaft, and a 12-shaft loom. We received our threading ahead of time and were to arrive the first day with our looms warped. Each loom was warped differently. During the "hands on" part of the class we went round-robin weaving our "treadling" sequence on other's "threading".

Bonnie brought many examples of her work to illustrate points she was lecturing on.

During lecture Bonnie used FiberWorks PCW weaving design software and a digital projector. The sofware is amazing and made learning easier.

At the end of class the samples were cut off the looms. Each column represents a different loom. Bonnie then spent time discussing the samples.

More photos can be viewed here. I would love to take this class again and recommend it highly.


vanessa said...

wow wow wow!!!

curiousweaver said...

Terri, This workshop looks amazing. I have Bonnie's book and love it. Kaz