Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dale of Nor(th America)

I ordered a kit for Dale of Norway's Sirdal from Susan at Spin Blessing and it arrived yesterday!

Sirdal is in Heilo 60th Anniversary Book (#147) and also individual pattern #6007 as a pullover or #14702 as a cardigan. My kit included the braid pak and I chose to do Sirdal in colorway I charcoal heather (0083) and off white (0017). Sirdal can be knit with Heilo, Falk, or Hauk.

Here is a stock picture of Sirdal.


Rebekah said...

Oh boy now I'm regretting my Ringbloomst choice, I forgot about Sirdal. But I have the pattern, I'll knit it someday. Such gorgeous sweaters they are, aren't they.

Lorraine said...

Terri- Great mind think alike. I'm doing the exact same colors. Isn't the braid gorgeous?

Anonymous said...

omg, that is simply gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. I see you are in Maryland. I used to live in Maryland ages ago. My family still lives there, near Frederick Md. I have a sister who at one time was interested in weaving. Don't know if she still is. I saw the cardigan you made and I think it looks fabulous. Keep up the good work.
Betty H.

Anni said...

A wonderful Norwegian sweater - what a great choice!